Swackett 4 for Mac + macOS Sierra 10.12: Known Issues




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    Willard C. Hooks, Jr. Ph.D.

    I joined Swackett when it was released in 2010-2011. I have used metric units consistently on all my Apple computers and devices. As such, I use world time (UTC, GMT, etc.). Swackett allows me to use Celsius for temperature However, there appears to be limitations for wind speed (m/s, km/hr, and 24-hour clock time).

    My computer system-wide preferences have been translated for other weather applications. Are the metric (i.e., world settings) limited to just temperature? Thank you.



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    Team Swackett

    We're upgrading to a new data feed over the next few days that will provide support for all metric units. Shortly after that we're launching a series of new apps. We're on it!

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    Is it possible the new data feed has resulted in my temperature which I have to show in Celsius showing in Fahrenheit? For about the last week my temps are now only displaying in Fahrenheit but still have a degrees C showing after them to add to the confusion. The temperature ranges in the settings are also reading the temps as on celsius even though they are Fahrenheit so that my current temp of 38F is showing as 38C and HOT. 

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