Swackett 2 and iPhone 5/5s/5c Compatibility: 100%




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    What happened to all of the old peeps. I had the mod squad and fifties peeps and now they're gone. And as a long time owner why do I now have to pay to get rid of the adverts?
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    Team Swackett

    Hi Kimpa! Swackett version 2 peeps are high res — so the older peeps don't work.  However — we are upgrading all of our peeps to work with Swackett 2.0 — and we are making them better (funner) in the process. Mod Squad — 1950's — British Invasion — new updates are coming fro everything.  Stay tuned on that. 

    If you paid to remove ads in your previous version of Swackett — and have logged in with the same Swackett Sign-In Email Address — you should not see any ads.  If this is the case — create a support ticket at support.swackett.com and we'll get you fixed right up.

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