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    Laurence Parks

    Thanks, it's pretty cool. I also caught a glimpse of some Neanderthal-looking peeps in my tonite's forecast - it's supposed to get pretty cold tonite in Kansas City. Those peeps were a real treat, trying to keep warm. An hour or so later they wouldn't appear. Did the forecast change that much? or was this some kind of egg?

    Thanks for the fun.

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    I loved the Neanderthals!  How about some Aztecs?  They would look pretty funny with the head dress and a parka!

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    Team Swackett

    Hey there!  Thanks for your kind words.  We appreciate your feedback more than we can say!

    The Neanderthals are an "easter egg" -- and we have a very deep reservoir of easter eggs waiting for you.

    Can can sometimes see pre-release easter eggs here -- and vote your your favorites:

    Again -- thank you for your kind words!

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    susan nolan

    love the eggs..they make me smile when they pop up on my forecast :)

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