Scheduled Outages for Micro-Weather Data Feed Upgrade




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    Karen Bush

    What happened to the Health Indices?

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    Team Swackett

    Hi Karen!  They are coming back.  They are the last piece of our asset puzzle to be upgraded. 

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    Hugo Quinta

    Hi, the app isn't working for two days, either on MAC and iphone app. What's happening? Best.

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    Team Swackett

    Hello Hugo!

    We've migrated to a new, high-res radar feed. It's beautiful.

    That said — we are seeing a caching issue with some of our legacy apps. 

    What Swackett apps are you using? And where (state, province) do you live?

    If you can let us know I'll force fresh imagery to your area to try to clear the cache.

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    (New Hampshire, iOS) I hope the moving radar for the regional and national shots will come back.

    "radar will temporarily be effected in the USA" -- you mean 'affected'.


    I love your app. Being able to watch the weather move across the map is fascinating and just fun.  Thanks!

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    Team Swackett

    Thank you ResistingTeaAddict!

    We are experiencing some caching issues with some of the legacy apps. We've got new apps revisions in the App Store now awaiting approval.  Meanwhile — we can *push" a fix to your apps if you submit a support ticket.

    Thanks for using Swackett!

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